In An Accident? Insurance Frustration? You just made the right choice!

Hurt? Confused? Who do I turn to after an accident?

man hurt needing help after a car wreck

After an accident

An auto accident or on the job accident can be one of the most stressful and frustrating events of modern life. The ER doesn't treat these type of injuries beyond the initial visit, the company doctor will send you back to work with a fracture- we have actually seen this happen multiple times, or the insurance company of the driver who hit you suddenly stops responding after you ask if they will pay for medical treatment.  

"Really? Can't I just catch my breath and get out of pain?"

This is how most of our patients feel when when they seek our help. They are hurting , don't know where to go for treatment and have no idea who to use if they need an attorney. 

We are here to help...from start to finish. Our patients are taken care of!

We will get your treatment started immediately, with no out of pocket expense to you, providing MRI, CT, X-ray,  pain management and orthopedic referrals, if necessary. We will also start you right away with a gentle therapy program and make sure you, as our patient, are taken care of...from your first visit to your last.

"But I don't have health insurance"...Not a problem.

Our clinic, and any imaging facility or specialty doctor  we refer you to, does not require health insurance or out of pocket payment! Our chiropractors and auto injury doctors simply work with your personal injury attorney's protection letter. We offer this unique service as we feel this is the most efficient way to get your treatment started, without causing you more stress about how to pay for the therapy you deserve...as if an auto accident or work injury is not enough stress.  

"How do I pick an attorney?"

This is the big question after you have been in an auto accident or suffered a work injury. You are bombarded with TV ads and radio ads about attorneys who will represent you fairly and justly. The unspoken truth is...you let someone who works with these attorneys on a daily basis help you with your referral! We will refer you to attorneys who specialize in your type of injury, that we have witnessed firsthand get great results for our patients, who treated our patients the right way.