In An Accident? Insurance Frustration? You just made the right choice!

Auto accidents can cause a lifetime of pain without therapy

Woman receiving treatment by a chiropractor after an accident

Neck Pain...Headaches...Mid back Pain...Low back Pain...Joint Pain...Knee Sprain...Shoulder Strain...Numbness in Your Hands or Feet...Neckache...Hip Pain...Rotator Cuff Strain...Disc injury

These are all post accident symtoms you do not have to suffer from.

Including the stress that comes with it! We have over 40 years combined experience treating these specific types of injuries, 40 years of experience that works for you. Believe it or not, there are doctors out there now that can not differentiate between a traumatically  torn rotator cuff and a deltoid strain, an accident induced lumbar disc herniation vs a common low back strain. We have even seen a whiplash induced cervical disc herniation misdiagnosed as a mere neck strain. By actually listening to the patient and obtaining the proper imaging studies, we were able to provide an accurate diagnosis and the correct treatment protocol.

  You want and need doctors who can get you well using proven physical rehabilitation techniques, who rely on a surgical referral as an absolute last resort. The overwhelming majority of the time the body is fully capable of healing itself, and we are here to help facilitate the process. You need doctors that can navigate the body back to health, as well as the often difficult legal process following an accident. You need The Grand Prairie Injury Clinic. 

We are standing by... waiting to help you.

It is important to get help now! Scar tissue formation dead ahead!

Unfortunately, the longer you wait to begin treatment at Grand Prairie Injury Clinic, the longer and more difficult the recovery process is. The primary reason for this is the rapid accumulation of scar tissue in the body following an injury.  Immediately following an injury, there is a fairly rapid inflammation response in the injured area.  This is initiated to allow increased blood flow to the surrounding tissue to facilitate healing. The associated pain is in part due to the histamine response in the affected area, a way to serve notice to your body  that the area needs to be placed on the disabled list for a while.

The next step in the process is often the accumulation of scar tissue if there is any further risk of exacerbating the injury. This fibrous layer of tissue provides a means to increase stability in the body and prevent the injured area from becoming hypermobile. You can think of this as the body's internal way of crafting a splint. This process helps to mitigate instability and further injury. That's the good news!

The bad news, however, is that  this process can be very painful and restrictive. It has been well documented that scar tissue has 1,000 times more pain(nociceptive) fibers than normal fascia and muscle tissue. It is also weaker and more restrictive. Instead of a finely formatted parallel construction of tissue, it is a chaotic jumble of fibers overlapping one another in all three dimensions. You are left with a painful substrate that has a limited range of motion and , unless something is done, will often continue to deteriorate in terms of function, form and pain levels.

However, by performing the correct sequence of stretching and strengthening exercises at the right time, combined with skillful physical manipulation like our chiropractors provide, your body can utilize the short term benefits provided by the immediate healing effect of scar tissue while gradually replacing the scar tissue with a normal, healthy tissue and increasing pliability and reversing the reduction in range of motion. This transformation causes a large decrease in nociceptive fibers( these are responsible for the sensation of pain in our tissue). This, of course, means less pain. Less pain now. Less pain moving forward.