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Grand Prairie Injury Clinic patient working out after her car accident.

What we do

We help you get your life back in balance after an accident. We get you started immediately with treatment. We have imaging centers and medical doctors available for referral if needed.  These centers and doctors are, like us, not concerned if you do not have insurance. They simply work with a letter of protection from your attorney, unlike most clinics, hospitals and doctors. We then provide rehabilitation utilizing multiple treatment modalities. We use gentle joint mobilization, non force spinal adjusting  and myofascial muscle work to increase your range of motion and improve your muscle and joint health.  A specific exercise program is then designed for you to help strengthen and stabilize your injured muscles.

Grand Prairie Injury Clinic patient being treated for an auto injury.

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A Grand Prairie Injury Clinic patient jogging on a treadmill during rehabilitation after her auto injury.

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Do not let the other driver's insurance company or a company doctor stop you from getting the treatment you need, deserve and are entitled to. Experienced doctors are standing by to help you now. 

See a doctor every single visit! Let our friendly, caring staff take the stress of an accident off your shoulders. Get the best care available for your auto accident injury  in Grand Prairie, Dallas, Irving, Mansfield and Arlington. Grand Prairie Injury Clinic is here for you! 


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